Urban Renewal Agency

Urban Renewal Agency, City Leaders May Connect LaCrosse and Bellerive for Needed Ingress/Egress to Riverstone

Over $90,000 in taxes were spent by ignitecda, the local urban renewal agency, on a traffic study near the Riverstone development. Additional street access into Riverstone is being contemplated. Early city schematics showed LaCrosse Ave extending into Bellerive Lane (see image below with one proposal highlighted in red and further below an early city schematic showing the same connection). 

While this version of a street extension minimizes impact on the currently “pending”

 approximately 7 acre parcel, it is the wrong connection to make into Riverstone from NW Blvd.

The most logical connection is from Lacrosse to Lakewood. Neighboring property owners were polled and petitioned for a Lacrosse/Lakewood connection as shown below in green: