CdA School District 271 Endorsement

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

Zone 1: Vote Allie Anderton

Third term hopeful Lisa May is the most experienced, best-spoken and, perhaps, most highly educated candidate for CdA school board. We are grateful for the time, effort, and sacrifice she has given in the service of our community. While this makes her an obvious choice, public opinion reveals her apparent advantage may be her achilles heel. Local parents who wished to remain anonymous described her as obstinate and a better ruler than a representative while voicing disappointment in her lack of compromise and distrust of common sense during the pandemic. Lisa did not respond for comment.

For a board member who will hopefully work well with others we endorse third-generation CdA resident and parent with kids in 271 schools Allie Anderton for Zone 1.

Zone 5: Vote Rebecca Smith

While less vocal during her tenure on the school board, Rebecca has skillfully managed maintaining common sense while seeking to follow expert advice. We see no reason to unseat Rebecca Smith from her position and look forward to her continued advocacy for common sense solutions that put kids first. Rebecca Smith for Zone 5.

Zone 4: Vote Lesli Bjerke

Although we endorse Lesli Bjerke, our rationale is based on her opponent Lindsey Swingrover, who is, perhaps, the most impressive candidate of all trustee candidates. Her signs populate the vast majority of lawns with signs in Zone 4. She is passionate about our kids and schools. Her disposition is grippingly sincere. She has clearly fought for many causes close to her heart and arguably has the highest emotional intelligence among the entire field of candidates. She seemed to indicate that taking kids out of school last year was a mistake during the CdA Press candidate forum. She seems the perfect candidate but she has two problems. 

First, her campaign literature is disingenuous in touting partisan connections alluding to ideals vastly disparate from what she tweets on Twitter. This leads us to her second problem, her social media presence where she describes Idaho as “broken,” “godforsaken,” calling our representative to congress a “monster” and referring to our new neighbors who call themselves political refugees as “extremists.” She went so far as describing our community as worse than when the Aryan Nations were here. These are frightful characterizations and should disqualify her from serving in a non-partisan position in desperate need of a unifyer. Barring her vitriolic tweets which surfaced we would have ignorantly endorsed her wholeheartedly. Screenshots of her tweets are here. Lindsey did not respond for comment or clarification regarding her tweets. Zone 4 Endorsement: Lesli Bjerke

Cover Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Every Dollar Counts, Unless You Are Lisa May

Lisa May for CdA website offers no contact information to get in touch with the campaign or Lisa herself. That would be helpful for those of us who have never met nor corresponded with her. However, a donation option is available via paypal. In an attempt to reach out to Lisa we decided to make a donation. Apparently the minimum donation is $1.00. Whether that is set by the campaign itself or Paypal is unknown. As a scrappy start-up we donated $1 in hopes for an auto reply with an accompanying email address. Unfortunately it was only accompanied by a paypal email address and a surprising response from Lisa May. 

Note from Lisa May For CdA Schools: I’m guessing you were trying to make a point. We talked about it at the dinner table last night and reminded our kids that living by the “golden rule” is always better than striking out and being mean. I’m glad you could provide a learning opportunity. (emphasis added)

To assume a $1 donation is evidence of someone “striking out and being mean” is a sad reflection of the division and hurt that has apparently seeped into our community. Clearly, Lisa has become defensive after possibly being targeted, insulted, scrutinized and questioned over the last two years. Citizens and parents need to be involved, campaign, discuss, speak up, and vote but we must avoid name-calling, insults, and threats. Her passive-aggressive response could have rightfully claimed the moral high ground by simply proclaiming to us and her kids at the dinner table: “Thank you. Every dollar counts!”

Be Careful What You Wish For, CdA…

With local elections looming the Kootenai County Republicans have vetted candidates and published endorsements. Before jumping on the bandwagon consider the fairly recent turn over at NIC Board of Trustees and its impact. If you have 20 minutes you can watch a recent board meeting here. It is reminiscent of an SNL skit attempting to display a dysfunctional dystopia. Below is our take:

Watch this clip as NIC former president is ignored in an open public meeting by Chair Banducci.