Hospital Dodges Entanglement, Becomes Non-Profit

CDAPress coverage of Kootenai Health’s transition from community hospital to a 501(c)(3) hasn’t been bad. But if you blinked you missed it. The process culminated at lightning speed. One has to wonder, did the ever burning dumpster fire at NIC, here, here, here, and here, AND here, and, yet again, here, influence the rapid nature of the decision? After the most expensive election for NIC trustee candidates, the community has spoken. And the results appear disastrous as a brand new warning from the college’s accreditation body. 

The option for Community District Hospitals to transition to non-profits became legal July 1, 2022. Rumors of a Kootenai Health sale swirled and were addressed November 16th. Board members met Wednesday, December 6th. An information session was held Thursday, December 8th. December 13th the Board approved the transition with a 6-1 vote. Lightning speed and opportune timing. 

The stated benefits of the transition are clear and seem reasonable.

Kootenai Health’s white paper exploring the transition is here. If we can learn anything from the NIC debacle, let’s leave some decisions to the pros.

Coffee Shop Replaces Pharmacy

Ironwood Drive Medicine Man Pharmacy becomes a coffee shop

Travis White, who graduated from culinary school and has over 20 years in food service experience, moved to the CdA area from Seattle where he worked as the executive chef at Hotel Sorrento. The coffee shop will function as a drive-through until additional staff can be hired and trained.

Travis White

Brian Jorgensen, founder of Medicine Man Pharmacy and landlord to the incoming coffee shop, endorsed the new use of the former pharmacy in an emotional statement. He described his new tenant’s recent volunteer work feeding the people in Ukraine and seeing bombs from the hotel room. Jorgensen was so moved by the gesture he forgave two months rent helping facilitate the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

The special-use permit was approved. Watch for cars to line up, soon, outside of 1114 W Ironwood Drive.