Coming Soon to CdA

Armored vehicle listed for sale by Lenco. This is one of three models the city may purchase.

Due to a 450% increase in CdA SWAT calls since 2014, the city council approved the purchase of a newly rebuilt armored vehicle similar to above for $183,000 discounted from a new model $380,000. 

Year to date, the SWAT team has been called upon 18 times including one officer-involved shooting. Officers currently do not have armored vehicles. Chief White stated it will be used to “[rescue citizens trapped by gunfire, or safely evacuate them without exposing them to gunfire. It can delay officers needing to respond with gunfire.]” Councilmember Amy Evans asked how the police chief will ensure it is only used in protective measures. The Asset forfeiture fund will be cleaned out to fund most of the purchase with the balance coming from funds previously budgeted for a patrol car. The vehicle will get an updated black and white paint job to match the city’s fleet. The police department will still be able to purchase four patrol cars.