Dan English vs Roger Garlock

This will be the closest election of them all. Dan English vs Roger Garlock. Roger Garlock could easily pass as Dan English from decades ago. We observed them in their candidate forums online and through in-person interactions. Both candidates worked for years with many non-profits, spoke softly, and seemed slow to anger. Both candidates are likable and approachable. Potential liabilities for each candidate are as follows: Dan English voted yes on Coeur Terre, which is upsetting to neighbors in Indian Meadows. He serves on ignitecda, the urban renewal district, which receives frequent fire from opponents and fellow council member Dan Gookin.

Roger Garlock accepted the endorsement from the KCRCC. This will prove to be his largest liability due to community backlash against the KCRCC for the turmoil they engineered at NIC and the Community Library Network. However, Roger paid attention to city issues over the last few years and has not voiced radical rhetoric espoused by his endorsers. However, he endorses the KCRCC candidate panel regardless of their diminished level of understanding.

Both candidates get the same grade: B. 

This one will be a toss up. It feels like Dan English is happy to be replaced by Roger Garlock. Neither will rock the boat too much.