Every Dollar Counts, Unless You Are Lisa May

Lisa May for CdA website offers no contact information to get in touch with the campaign or Lisa herself. That would be helpful for those of us who have never met nor corresponded with her. However, a donation option is available via paypal. In an attempt to reach out to Lisa we decided to make a donation. Apparently the minimum donation is $1.00. Whether that is set by the campaign itself or Paypal is unknown. As a scrappy start-up we donated $1 in hopes for an auto reply with an accompanying email address. Unfortunately it was only accompanied by a paypal email address and a surprising response from Lisa May. 

Note from Lisa May For CdA Schools: I’m guessing you were trying to make a point. We talked about it at the dinner table last night and reminded our kids that living by the “golden rule” is always better than striking out and being mean. I’m glad you could provide a learning opportunity. (emphasis added)

To assume a $1 donation is evidence of someone “striking out and being mean” is a sad reflection of the division and hurt that has apparently seeped into our community. Clearly, Lisa has become defensive after possibly being targeted, insulted, scrutinized and questioned over the last two years. Citizens and parents need to be involved, campaign, discuss, speak up, and vote but we must avoid name-calling, insults, and threats. Her passive-aggressive response could have rightfully claimed the moral high ground by simply proclaiming to us and her kids at the dinner table: “Thank you. Every dollar counts!”