“If You Give People Parks, You Will be Revered.”

After eight years in office as mayor the final city council meeting of 2021 was a joyous celebration of Steve Widmyer’s service. The love and appreciation was palpable. Tonight Mayor Widmyer hands over the gavel to Mayor-elect Jim Hammond.

Attempts at scrutiny don’t lead far. Steve Widmyer would have easily won reelection had he ran. None of the candidates for mayor ran against his policies or positions. When a lawsuit regarding an alleged wrongful death occured in his apartments it was a blip on the radar for the few who noticed. His R-34 development went unopposed. His self-appointment to the urban renewal agency was not questioned. Even leading the city to develop and sell real estate via the Atlas Mill project failed to garner opposition. Now, he retires but retains the throne. Why?

Ever the people’s champion, wise Widmyer gave the citizens a park. A waterfront park. And a dog park. Even a waterfront dog park. Game over.