Prime Downtown Land Becomes $15 Million Property

The Nest on Lakeside. Five townhomes will cover half of the lot of the former J.C. White house which was recently transported to the base of Tubbs Hill to serve as the new North Idaho Museum. Property owner, Mark Launder, subdivided and sold the northern half of the lots to Allen Measom who is developing the the high end condos. Measom is a former CEO of Raptor Technologies, a software company based in Houston, TX. The builder is listed as Stancraft Construction whose logo is nearly identical to local conglomerate Stancraft Boat, Marine, and Aviation.

The five condos, rendered below, feature 3 beds, 5 baths, 3,500 Square Feet of high-end living commanding a $2,950,000. The southern half of the property remains under the ownership of Mark Launder. Previous statement by Launder indicate a similar project could take place on the Sherman Ave side of the property. This would take the property from <$1Million assessment with the J.C. White house to nearly $30 Million assessment for the tax rolls. Proponents of the project say that urban renewal played a huge part with revitalization of McEuen Park, the library, the Iceplant condos, and The Lake Apartments.

Check out more on the Nest’s promotional website.