Wood vs Winkler

Christie Wood served on the City Council for several years. She also volunteered as an elected NIC trustee for nearly 20 years. She entangled herself in North Idaho College’s turmoil. However, after she left the college, NIC challenges grew substantially. Clearly NIC problems stem from the current board majority rather than Christie Wood’s covert influence. We covered some of Christie’s blunders on council but in general she is nice and wants to do right by the city, it’s employees and citizens. CdA News grades Christie Wood: B

Brian Winkler moved to Coeur d’Alene two years ago and runs on a platform of fear and conspiracy. We reviewed his platform on his website, interview online, and performance at a debate. From those performances, it is doubtful that he understands what the city does, how it operates, and what it controls. In the interview it appears he doesn’t understand the definition of a PUD, nor the implications it has on the property he owns. His other performances left us wondering if he knows what the “Trades” are. Christie Wood’s warm and disarming performance at the Coeur Candidate Forum left great advice for Winkler. If he wants to get involved, he should volunteer in a city commission (parking, parks, planning, etc). He claims CdA 2030, now rebranded “Connect Kootenai” is in cahoots with the “[evil UN 2030 agenda]”. CdA News grades Brian Winkler the candidate: DNF (Did not Finish) 

With more attention he may be a good candidate for the future. We hope his interest in the city will continue.