Unelected Consultant to Decide NIC President?

February 23, 2022 NIC Trustee Board Meeting

NIC Trustees Christie Wood and Ken Howard voted to allow the deciding vote for NIC Presidential Search Committee to be cast by an unelected consultant. When the vote was split 2-2, the motion failed. Both Howard and Wood are serving terms set to expire this year. It is expected that both will seek reelection. Observers of NIC board meetings and political warfare aired in meetings and the Press voice frustration with the inability of the board to work together. Christie Wood has been relentless in demanding resignation of Board Chair Todd Banducci who was re-elected to his third term in 2020 with support from the Kootenai County GOP. Is it any wonder that the board cannot agree on who to appoint to a search committee?

NIC Zone 1 Trustee Christie Wood at the February 23td Board Meeting

*This is not a comprehensive analysis of the NIC Board, Trustees, or Presidential Search. However, the local press coverage has appeared to be a mouthpiece for Trustee Wood’s agenda. We have previously reached out to Trustee Wood who also serves on the CdA City Council and she has refused to comment and address our comments.