Votes Are In…. Are We Headed for a Recount?

Photo by Arnaud Jaegers on Unsplash

Kootenai County has posted the unofficial election results to their website which redirects here

The Coeur d’Alene races turned out mostly how we predicted (5/7) with the exception of the school board. The largest surprise was the turnout which nearly doubled from 2019 for the city of CdA residents with over 10,000 votes cast. Below we break out school board and CdA city race analysis.

School Board

While our prediction was incorrect our endorsements apparently coincided with the voting populace. These races were very close and failed to resemble a decisive victory, reflecting the division in our community. Winners would be wise to proceed with moderate rather than polarizing actions. 

City Council

Most CdA voters wanted someone other than Amy Evans but failed to coalesce around one of her two opponents. Kiki Miller narrowly beat Elaine Price by 49 votes, less than 0.5%. Woody McEvers enjoyed the largest margin in his likely last term serving by our interpretation of his comments that he was [considering not running again due to his age]. Jim Hammond arguably benefited from having two opponents but won with more than 50%.

We reached out to Elaine Price and Lindsey Swingrover to ascertain their intentions regarding a recount but did not immediately hear back. We will update the story if they respond.